Whew! Who knew that wedding planning could be such hard work! Between the flowers, chairs, food, decorations, photos, budgeting and everything else, we have been trying our very best to not run off to the courthouse! (but seriously) But, the plans are slowly falling into place and we are (I think) getting there…. June wedding here we come! (I hope you said this like marlen did to Nemo on his first day of school ;)) I’m soooo excited! First of all to launch our website! We hope everyone enjoys the stories and have a central location for our wedding information. Second to be getting closer to our wedding! Sometimes it feels like it’s still six months away and I love being reminded of how close we are actually getting!!

For those of you who don’t know, Will and I have been apart since our engagement. We have about 3 months to go, I’m not going to lie it’s been hard. But, we make it work and have learned a lot about each other along the way. We have made it a priority to Google “Hangout” most nights and have dove into a great book; Sacred Marriage by: Gary Thomas, working on a chapter a week or so. I would recommend it to any couple engaged or married. We don’t like being apart but, we just have to realize that WE ARE HALF WAY!! and that is truly exciting! I’ve been able to road trip to Oklahoma a few times and Will even surprised me on Valentines Day with a visit from him to Missouri.

Google "Hangout" Screen Shot

Google “Hangout” Screen Shot


I’m still oozing over my ring and like to show it off (for anyone who’s interested). We are soo excited to share this special day with our friends and family. Everyone has been such a blessing to us. From the couples who have given us advise and encouraged us, to the family and friends who have been so willing to help with all of our wedding plans. We are truly thankful.


So far some of the things I’ve learned as I embark on this “wedding planning adventure”


1. Weddings are expensive! Although we know it’s a one time deal and it’s our wedding it’s been my biggest challenge to figure out what’s most important on our special day.

2. It’s NOT a one girl job, this I’m just beginning to realize. I would love to say that I did it all but even with my easy schedule this semester I’ve realize that a wedding is an everyone is involved deal. The end.

3. Registering for your wedding is exactly like it is in the movies!! You get a little scanner and everything. #mylifeislikeamovie #onlyonce

4. I will forever be jealous of those cute European elements, but won’t regret having my wedding with all of the people who are closest to me…After all I need to show off my dress! Shout out to my friend Kitty and her awesome blog. Kutos Kitty & Kevin for eloping I wish the best for you both!

Thanks again to everyone for their support of William and I as we begin our lives together. Enjoy. The fun is just about to begin.

Later gators!


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