The Hobbit pt. 2

Before you start reading this, you must know that this post is in fact, not about the Hobbit….But, something a little sweeter and mushy. It’s been a year! A year today William surprised me with a day full of memories, sushi and a ring. This time last year Will asked me to marry him. I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I was done with my last final and was so exhausted that I now know only a proposal could have kept me awake through the midnight showing of the Hobbit.

After Will proposed last year we went back to his house to see my family and his parents greet us and congratulate us before rushing off to watch the first midnight cinema event that I had ever been to. You see….I don’t like midnight movies.

1. There are always a million people ALWAYS

2. And of course all those people mean it’s impossible to find a decent seat of any kind. (That middle one seems to get taken every time)

3. You have to show up early…..(Ya, who wants to be bothered with lines, and waiting….I mean your supposed to be fashionably late to a movie to miss the trailers…right?)

4. I’m not much of a late night person. Except on very rare and special occasions.

5. Anyway, Isn’t midnight showings for crazed super fans! (haha…I do love the LOTR trilogy and all, but you don’t see me as Gandalf for Halloween)

Ok I’m done rambling….(sorry)

But, we had planed for a long time to go see the midnight premier of the Hobbit. Ever since we saw those Hobbit holes in New Zealand on Pac Rim.

So, I really said all that to say this….I’m so happy that today we get to relive part of last year by celebrating together today, and once again watching the midnight showing of the Hobbit (part 2). It’s so amazing how much has happened since last year…. But, no time to get into that now….I must nap.

Thank you all who read this blog. We know we don’t update often or, very regularly for that matter. But, we love sharing a piece of our lives with those we care about most.

Are you going to watch the Hobbit?? If so comment below! Sweet dreams.

Gandalf Costume

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