The proposal: By Jessica

December 13, 2012, I was up to my chin in stress from the week, with finals every day, graduation just around the corner and the unknown always nocking on my front door…now before you think your about to read a horror story I promise you it gets better! I woke up early to study for my last final, blissfully un aware of what happenings the day would bring. I met with Will to eat lunch in the OC cafeteria like always and then he dropped me off and kissed me for good luck on my final.

“How long do you think your test will take?” -Will, planning away

“30-45 min at the most” -oblivious to what was to come

I hopped off to class ready to finnish this dreadful week!! My final ended up being a take home, even though he told us we were going to have to hand write an 1,000 word paper in class. “YES!”  Best thing that could happen on my last day of finals. I was able to go back to my apartment and start writing. It was such a relief. No one was at the apartment but Sara and her friend then the door opened and I was diligently working away at my essay.The last person I expected to just walk in was Will!! He was all smiles with a big boquet of flowers in his handsome hands and I was really surprised!!! and Excited I love flowers. =)

“Stop that…what are you doing? Are those for me!” -super high pitched happy Jessica voice.

“These aren’t for you until your finished with your test.” -He’s adorable when he gets me flowers

I quickly finished my final and waited for my flowers and of course a kiss. Then Will sat down beside me and made me a deal (because I love deals).

“Here’s the deal…today is going to be all about you. I took off work so that we can go find you a dress for graduation, celebrate that your done with school and go out for dinner later…what do you say? sound like a deal?”-the best boyfriend in the world

We did just that, long story short we had a wonderful day of shopping, being silly, trying on every dress at the mall and not running out of gas…wink wink (we may or may not have made it to a gas station in time…that we can leave up to your imagination.)

We had a wonderful but long afternoon but final found the perfect dress at Fossil my favorite store.

Will said:  “Would you like to dress up for dinner?”

and I replied: “uhhh duh!” I’m paraphrasing of course.

He took me back to my apartment and asked me to text him my dress color. I was so excited and happy, I think I got ready quicker than I ever have. I sat and talked with Lauren while I waited for Will to pick me up. When he arrived I asked him where we were going and he said it was a SURPRISE!! I try to tell him how much I love surprises so… this was PERFECT!! I didn’t even care where we were going. I was having a great day and excited to be graduating and of course to watch the hobbit that night!!! We had been planning to watch the hobbit at midnight before we even left New Zealand. You could say I was probably too excited to see the midnight showing the last day of finals.

Now to the best part of the story…We arrived at Tokyo OKC. A restaurant that we were first introduced to before going on Pac Rim (the study abroad trip where we met) and then shortly after  we returned from Study Abroad it was our first official date right around Valentines day. Needless to say we hadn’t been back in a while and I was excited to be eating sushi. Will and I have fallen in love with sushi ever since returning from Japan. Tokyo has really traditional Japanese style food and atmosphere.

When we arrived I was surprised to see we had reservations and our waitress led us toward the back and then down a little side hall to a private room.

The first thing I read was “please take off your shoes” I felt like I was at my host family’s home in Japan as I remembered the proper way to take off your shoes before entering a japanese home or even some restaurants.So, If you were to ask me, when I thought I knew….well, it was now. As we stepped into the room it was arranged for two. One red pillow for me to sit on and a blue one for Will. The room took us back to Ibaraki Japan with it’s traditional seating on the floor, lighting and Japanese windows and decor. Let me just say it was perfect, like we were back in Japan. I even felt a little jet lagged from the long week and late nights studying.

We ate our sushi and got this mountain of a desert. I think we ate more desert than sushi. We ordered a glass of wine to taste and then our waitress left us alone.

“I have one surprise left” -an excited and sweet William

“So close your eyes” -Will

I folded my hands around my eyes and couldn’t keep from all of the excitement and joy from welling up inside me and beaming out my smile. I was so giddy in that moment and so happy I would have sat their with my eyes shut forever.

“Soo….” -smiling from ear to ear

“Your just so cute” -a just as excited Will

“Ok open you eyes” -holding a ring in his hand he began to say how he knew from the very beginning I was the one he wanted to be sitting here with. + all the most wonderful things

“Jessica Sharon Brand, Will you Marry Me?” -a patently waiting, to be groom

“Of course I will!!!!!!  YES YES YES!!” -a newly engaged and super excited to be Bride

I takled him and kissed him and smiled the biggest smile. I honestly didn’t want to leave. After a while we slipped our shoes back and we walked out of the restaurant I wanted to stick out my left hand and show off my ring to every stranger there. Will picked it out him self with a little support from a friend and it’s absolutely perfect! I love it. it’s perfect Will’s perfect for me and I couldn’t be happier.

“When I saw it I knew it was yours” -Will

After dinner we went to see one of my best friends and then met up with my parents and Will’s parents who were patiently waiting to see us.

And then of course we went to see the midnight showing of The Hobbit!! what a long and eventful day. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’M ENGAGED!!!” -new fiancé

I can’t wait to share the rest of our adventure as we prepare for the celebration with our closest friends and family! Be sure to read Will’s side of the story as well!

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