Where & Why?

It’s hard to fully explain all of the sentimental value to why we are having our wedding in Hopkins but it’s not just the small town where I grew up when I was little but it’s more than that. The house where we are having the wedding and reception was my home and the home of my great grandparents. Many of my childhood memories are on this farm.

A picture of the Alexander House in the winter.

A picture of the Alexander House in the winter.

I’m very close to my grandparents and their stories and life experiences mean so much to me. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful family and grandparents that have always been a big part of my life. They have taught me a lot.

As soon as Will and I got engaged I knew I wanted to have the wedding at the farm, even though we had several other thoughts of running off to Japan (We couldn’t let Mason and Abby have all of the fun), Jeff and Pattie Simmons backyard (oops….we didn’t tell them though), and the court house is still a consideration…(just kidding mom).

There is a picture of my grandparents that I love . It’s of them leaving the alexander house after the wedding that was held in my great grandparents home. I would love to recreate that photo some how and tie the two weddings together.I’m so blessed and I hope that I can raise a family and have the strong marriage that my parents, grandparents and great grand parents had before me.

Now you know a little about why we are having our wedding at the Alexander farm in Hopkins Missouri.

We are soo excited about our outdoor wedding with all of our family!!

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