Can you make a toilet paper wedding dress?

My shower in oklahoma was lovely and so fun! We played a few games and I must say the highlight of the shower was the toilet paper wedding dress contest. Not that the teams were very even…(haha) but, it was funny anyway and a good idea if you are looking for a fun shower game.


Since, I already made a long and “serious post” about my beautiful shower in Missouri I thought I might let you know a little more of the fun side of the games/ideas that were a part of the oklahoma shower. So….here we go, I hope a few people might get some ideas for your friends showers in the future!

Game #1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress….


Here’s how it works… Honestly, I don’t really have to do much explaining but, you set a certain amount of time. I would say about a min or two. Then, each team has a “bride”, and they have to use the toilet paper to dress their “bride”. May the best bridal team win!! I pretty sure we stole a giant roll of economy sized toilet paper, like they put in the Nowlin Center…It worked out really good. If I were you, I wouldn’t spend money on any of the good stuff…unless of course you want to sell it for $2,000


Check this out….maybe my friends need to enter the contest….What do you think?

Game #2: Don’t let the bride answer any questions correctly!!


Ok, so… this isn’t really the name of the game but, it sure felt like it….the idea is you give the groom a set of questions to answer prior to the shower. They are questions like, What is jessica’s favorite food? and What is your (the groom’s) favorite food…then the bride has to get the answers correct according to what the groom writes down before she can open a present. If she gets it wrong, then the crowd asks the bride another question.The rule is they can ask her whatever they want! Lets just say I didn’t have a great big pile of presents to open or I wouldn’t have made a dent! I blame Will for his tricky answers and everyone else just gave me a hard time about not knowing his favorite drink. haha….(we have more important things to discuss, right?) Any-who, you get the gist of the game.

Game #3: Mustache vs. Lips


This game is similar to the one above but, this time Will and I answered the same questions. Everyone received a mustache and a lips on a stick to hold up. The lips for me and mustache for Will. Then, the host reads the answers to the question and you must guess who’s answer it is. The person with the most correct answers wins!


Other Games!! I had several other game suggestions and ideas that were mentioned at my showers since we played some sort of game at each one.

Here are the links to other game ideas/shower ideas for all of you looking to throw a shower or whatever!!

One of my bridesmaids told me about an around the clock or time of day shower you can check out the idea on this cute blog from my wedding to yours.

Tara mentioned a game where one person starts a poem and it goes around the room until the finished product goes to the bride. I great way to do this is on a pretty piece of stationary that the bride can frame and display in her closet or wherever to remember her shower and all of the girls who made it special!


Here is another website that has a few games I didn’t take time to look over all of them but the poem game is one this site as well.

I really appreciated everyone who helped out with the shower and everyone who came despite the rainy cold weather and finals week. I have some truly great friends who I’m very thankful for and hope they can all be a part of my wedding day!!

P.S. Be looking for your invitation in your mail boxes!!! They have been stamped, licked and sent with love. You can RSVP right here on our website….. And don’t forget to leave us a guestbook comment!! Thanks and Happy Finals Week OC!!



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