Showered with Blessings

I had two bridal showers this week, and both were unique, fun, special and such a blessing.

I want to start off thanking Whitney, Hannah, Tara, Becky, Chandler and Teresa for organizing, decorating and  putting each day together to remind me of all the special people in my life who are so supportive, and helping me prepare for married life.

Both showers were beautiful. Everyone did such a good job tying my theme and colors into the showers.

My first shower was in at First Baptist Church in Salem, Missouri. We had cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, nuts, punch, crackers and cheese. (Lets just say it’s a good thing I didn’t eat lunch that day….) The shower started off with everyone saying how they knew me. It was really neat to think back on memories with the ladies and to see all of the people who were their just because of  my parents and our church home/family. The church has had the biggest impact on my life. It has been such a blessing to be raised up around such a loving church home and family. I hope to someday have the same impact on others as they have had in my life as a child, a teenager and now as an adult.

After the introductions we played a little “too” competitive game of wedding Jeopardy. I think everyone enjoyed a little trivia and getting to know a little more about me and my plans for the wedding. The categories were Bride, Groom, Fun Facts, Wedding, and History. (I think that was all…) Some of the questions included were… How many bridesmaids are there? Where was the groom born? What is the significants of the wedding venue, and what’s the bride’s favorite food?….all in all it was fun.

Then, I opened my gifts and read my cards. I received some truly wonderful gifts. Each family seemed to put such thought into their cards and gifts and each box was a blessing from God. I can’t thank all of you enough for your loving kindness and special presents to us as we prepare for a life-long commitment of marriage.

It’s a little embarrassing but I have to say and must share, that I cried over (mostly just lost it/had a come apart when I read)  my little sisters home made card that read…

“Congratulations, Jessica! You are very lucky to have a man as good as Will. I hope you will stay close to God and follower you unique dreams to wherever they take you. I love you and hope for the best for you.” Love, Kathryn Elizabeth Brand

This is just one example of the unique sentiment that was added to the day.

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