Our trip to Glacier National Park

Well, it’s finally summer and OC has quieted down. Oh wait? Did I tell you? I took a job as a Resident Director at my alma-mater last Aug. We accepted the job, took a trip to Glacier National Park, and then moved into phase 6 and started working that week!!  And I haven’t stopped since…It has been the craziest year! Truely. From “the fight-club” living in the apartment above us, move-in and move-out weekends and then every late-night call in between…I’m honestly not sure how I survived. But, now that I have just a little more time and things are quieting down and there is no one calling me (don’t jix it!) or ringing my doorbell, I wanted to share a little sneak peak of our trip to Glacier National Park in Montana last summer!! I hope you enjoy it!

Montana was AMAZING. This was one of my favorite trips of ALL TIME. Thank you to the Glacier Raft Company for an amazing day trip after a long week of hiking. P.S. We had the best guide ever!

Great Glacier Adventure 2014 from Jessica McBroom on Vimeo.

P.S.This is in no way a professional video, I just threw some clips together that I took with our GoPro while hiking! Enjoy!!

We are looking forward to this summer, although it will be quite different. I will continue to work as a Resident Director over the summer and through next year. Let me know if you are planning a trip to Glacier! I would love to share some travel tips and clothing tips for your trip!

3 thoughts on “Our trip to Glacier National Park

  1. Wow, that brings back so many great memories of our trip last summer. So many great times are captured in this sneak peak video – amazing what this video brings back to memory. You captured it so well! I am ready to go on another adventure with everyone! Thank You Jessica! Love You, Aunt Kathy

  2. What an awesome video!!! I am so happy we all were able to take that trip. I really enjoyed watching that video this evening!!! Love you, Mommy

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