Just a few Notes

Here are a few of notes I wanted to get out there for those of you visiting the site and double checking directions etc.

1. When headed from Maryville to Hopkins Google directions says to turn on NN to get to Katy Lane. DO NOT DO THIS. It is a muddy road once you get past the black top. Go all the way on to 140th Street then turn right and follow the “Wedding” signs. They are white arrows will direct you in the best way.

This is also the way that is outlined on the map in our wedding information page. I hope this helps.

2. In case of rain (like a lot of rain) we will have the wedding at the Christian Church in town.

Here is the Adress: 101 S. 5th Street Hopkins, Missouri 64461 (We will do our best to reach our guests to let them know if the back-up plan will be implemented.)

3. There are only 3 days left until we get married. I’ve been signing my name as much as I can and trying to enjoy my family in between all of the hustle and bussle of getting everything prepared. I can’t wait for Will to get here and join in on all the fun!

4. I can’t wait to see you all. I couldn’t have a wedding with out you. Thank you for all your support and for the sweet messages!

See you in three days!!




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