Our New Home

These past two weeks Will and I have been settling into our new home. We live in the stonebridege apartments located right next to OC where Will works. It’s been great because he is able to ride his bike to work everyday, get a little exercise and save on gas!! Awesome! Right? I moved in before Will, and so we have been in the process of unpacking, organizing, finding new homes for our wedding gifts and getting rid of a few things….

For those of you who are wondering, I will be writing a honeymoon post soon to let you know about all of our adventures but, I’ve been busy with online classes and our apartment. So far we have had one official guest over. Will’s brother and his family came over for a game night the other night and we quickly discovered we need to brush up on our big bang theory knowledge to play our big bang theory trivia game (for those of you who haven’t the slightest what I’m talking about it’s a t.v. show and it’s pretty funny too.) We got the game as a wedding present.

We have a one bedroom apt. that is perfect for the two of us. I brought my bed from home along with a dining room table and chairs. We bought a couch not too long ago, and were very thankful for that find! Our newest addition is a few pictures we finaly got hung up. The nails may never come out of the wall….but that’s besides the point. I’m just glad to be getting things off the floor.

Ok, before I bore you with details I will just share a few pictures of our place. And if you really want to get a good look at our new place, you should stop in and say hi. You just might want to give us a call first, but we love drop in visitors too. All are welcome. =)


We are on the 3rd floor

We are on the 3rd floor

Will rides his bike to work every day!

Will rides his bike to work every day! Our apartment is right next to OC and so it takes him about 15min to ride to work.

Our Dining Room


Our bedroom right after we  set up the bed...there's a dest and blankets now..I just don't have a picture to show.

Our bedroom right after we set up the bed…there’s a dest and blankets now..I just don’t have a picture to show.


Looking off our balcony in the evening.

Looking off our balcony in the evening.


Welcome to our new home.

157 Stonebridge blvd. Apt 1432

We love getting mail! So, send us a letter and we would love to return the favor!

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  1. I love these pictures and so glad you posted them too. I wish I could come visit your new home. I really like your apartment complex. I am glad Will can ride his bike to work. Love You Both! Aunt Kathy

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